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The Benefits of a Same-Day Crown

Same-day crowns are the latest advancement in dental technology. Used to treat severe tooth decay and cracked or broken teeth, the process of getting traditional crowns takes an average of three weeks and requires two or three visits. Thanks to recent technology, getting a crown is faster and more convenient.

Nunn Family Dentistry in Tomball, Texas, is one of the few dental teams who are equipped and trained to offer same-day crowns. Patients now have a more customized, faster option. If you need root canal treatment, or treatment for worn or weak teeth, consider these major benefits of a same-day crown.

Save time with same-day crowns

Getting a traditional crown involves taking detailed impressions of your teeth, constructing a mold, and sending the mold to a lab to create the crown. A temporary crown protects your teeth as you wait for the permanent crown.

Same-day crowns provide the same benefits of their traditional counterparts without the wait. With same-day dentistry procedures, you get your permanent crown in just one visit. Using the our advanced scanner, Clay Nunn, DDS, takes digital impressions of your teeth and sends the scanned information to the in-office design center where a 3D model of your tooth is created.

Our sophisticated chairside restoration machine creates your crown in just minutes.

Enjoy enhanced customization

Patients who visit Nunn Family Dentistry for same-day crowns receive a customized restoration plan to fit your needs, eliminating the need for multiple visits. The advanced technology of the Chairside Economical Restoration of Esthetic Ceramics (CEREC) machine provides enhanced accuracy and precision.

Ditch the messy impressions

Same-day crown technology enables our team to take digital impressions of your mouth for a precise fit, eliminating the need for messy dental impression trays that use thick liquid material such as alginate or polyvinylsiloxane to make an impression of your teeth.

Enjoy the convenience of same-day dentistry

The technology used to create same-day crowns is safe, simple, and accurate, with a high patient satisfaction rate. As you sit comfortably, Dr. Nunn uses an oral camera to take 3D images of your tooth. 

The process of taking digital scans is quick and extremely accurate, thanks to advanced laser scanning technology. There’s no hassle involved to create high-quality digital impressions for use in milling your same-day crown right in our office.

Same-day crowns reduce complication risks 

Traditional crowns take several weeks to create, leaving you with a temporary crown, which is susceptible to complications, such as improper fit, discomfort, and sensitivity to cold food or beverages. Sometimes permanent crowns arrive from the lab and fail to fit properly, requiring you to return to the office to have another impression made of your teeth.

Because same-day crowns provide a more accurate and precise picture of your tooth, you get the right fit the first time and without waiting or returning to the office. The need for adjusting is rare, and when it’s needed, it’s done right away in our office.

You now have a faster, more efficient option for restoring your smile. To get started, give our office a call to schedule an appointment, or make your request online today.

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